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Yuidoc for VBScript

Javascript & VBScript Documentation Tool

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YUI Doc for VBScript

This fork Of YUIDoc will work with VBScript files.

VBScript does not have a block comment. As such, this fork includes tweaks to allow docparser.js to parse a VBScript comment. It is recommended that each line of the code comment begin with two apostrophes. One to create a VBScript comment and a second to close the string literal when viewing source from within YUIDoc (the two apostrophes keep the syntax highlighting correct in source view).

Example VBScript code comment

'' * This is an example function
'' * @method testForAwesome
'' * @param testValue {string} a value to test
'' * @return `true` when awesome is in abundance
'' */
Function testForAwesome(testValue)
    ' detect awesome
End Function